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Hi, I'm currently seeking asylum in France and have been here since December 2016. I have been in a relationship with a British girl for one year. We met in Paris but she lives in London. She can’t stay for a long time in Paris because she is a student.
We want to get married but I don't know what to do because I'm a refugee from Afghanistan so we can’t legally marry in France unless she moves here (which she can’t).
How can I reject my ‘asylum seeker status’ in France, get married to her and move to the UK? She has spoken to so many lawyers and they all tell her to move to France/ get married in Afghanistan but these aren’t possible. We do fulfill the criteria to apply for a marriage visa in London we just can’t get married to get the visa. Are there any other options? How do we appeal? We’re feeling helpless now. Thanks.
asked May 9, 2018 in Legal advice by Prus

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