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Thank you for reading my message and having such a helpful site.

I am a British National and I married my husband, a Syrian Asylum Seeker, with asylum in Greece, in Greece, in September 18.

We have lived together in Greece since March 18.

He has been granted asylum for 3 years in Greece. He is still awaiting the decision for his travel documents.

We had a legal wedding.

I am a home owner in England and have had savings in excess of the value apparently required to apply for a spousal visa for nearly two months.

I desperately want to move out of Greece and back home.

I know, in theory, this is possible but I hope to know more about the time frame and limits for the process. Can an application be rejected simply because the person dealing with it does not wish to approve it based on their 'feelings' about the relationship or personal scepticism? Or if all requirements are met adequately, is the decision accepted somewhat automatically?

We are in a completely legitimate and loving relationship, but of course neither of us want to stay in Greece where I nor he have friends, family or roots, hence me investigating how we can apply to move back to England together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to your response.
asked Nov 24, 2018 in Legal advice by katiemay

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Dear @katiemay

thank you for sharing your situation with us in the community and congrats to your marriage. 

As for your question: 

The time it migt take depends really on the person handling the case in Greece. But one way to process it a bit quicker, would be if you contact in Greece the Greece Refugee Council: 

  • Athens
    • Address: 25, Solomou str., 10682
    • Phone: +30 210 3800990-1
    • Fax: +30 210 3803774
  • Thessaloniki
    • Address: 37A, Kassandrou str., 54633
    • Phone: +30 231 0250045
    • Fax: +30 231 4011225
  • E-mail:

I hope they can help you in the entire process. If you still have question please do not hesitate to reach out to the community.

Best regards, 


answered Nov 26, 2018 by Nilab
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