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I'm a British national, born in the UK and still living here. My boyfriend is a Syrian national. We met in Turkey 2016, and became a couple in 2018.
He's now in the Netherlands. His asylum claim was accepted earlier this year, and he was granted 5 years residency and legal refugee status. He's still living in the refugee camp, but has been allocated a city and is waiting for housing to become available there. We want to get married, and are in the process of trying to decide whether it's better for me to move there or attempting to bring him to the UK. We would both prefer the uk, I have a good secure job here, and my family.. In the Netherlands he's alone, so has nothing to leave behind.
If I married him in the Netherlands, would it be possible to bring him to live with me here as my husband before his 5 year residency expires there? And how would we go about starting the process? Any advice or information much appreciated.
asked Oct 9, 2020 in Legal advice by Habibi18

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