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Thank you for answer.
I have one more question . I am rejected asylum seeker.
I applied before 2012 for visa for Germany . I was in interview and they showed me that I had applied for visa and I was rejected from German embassy .
Can you tell me about this ?
Does it dangerous for me ?
I did not give any valid documents to government. When I applied that time after it was expired and they asked me where is it and I told them that was expired and I do not have anythibg with me
asked Apr 25, 2018 in Legal advice by Zichako

Hello @Zichako

I don't think I completely understood the situation yet.

You applied for a visa at the German embassy and got rejected. Did that happen because your documents (like passport) were already expired? Or did you have a previous visa that expired and you couldn't get a new one? Or did you apply for a visa earlier on and got rejected due to that when you applied again?

Also, what kind of danger are we talking about in this case? Are you afraid to get deported due to your previous visa-application?

Please clarify the question so that we can help you to find a solution to your problem.

Best regards, Thorgen

Yes I applied before for German visa in 2012 and I got rejected that visa from German embassy and After my visa was rejected and my passport was one year more valid then it was  expired.
I came to Germany by  country to country without visa.
Yes I afraid that I applied on that time for German visa and my passport that time was expired when I came to Germany
Hi @Zichako :) I don't quite understand the problem too. CAn you maybe try to rephrase it in one question? As far as I can see your asylum application got rejected so Germany probably wants to deport you sooner or later anyways. I don't think that your visa application from 2012 will have any influence on that. The passport you showed them back then is expired by now (as you said) so I don't think they can use it to deport you. ALl the best, Lea

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