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My friend is married to a german for  a long time nw and their case is in court because of his document bcos he was asked to go and come with a national visa but, he refused. Right now another lady is pregnant for him.. what is the punishment? Since he is still married..
asked Apr 21, 2020 in Legal advice by Obumkelly79

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Hi Obumkelly79,

thank you for sharing your question. There is no punishment for impregnating another woman while being married. However if he's still trying to get a family visa and his wife separates from him within the first 3 years after marriage, he'll not be able to apply for a permit as a spouse. If the mother of the unborn child is German and she is willing to share custody, it will be possible to apply for a permit to stay in Germany as the father of a German child. Anyway, since your friend is still fighting a court case, it might be best to consult his lawyer regarding that matter.



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answered Apr 21, 2020 by Marco_MBE
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