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Hello Wefugees,

I live in. France and came on student visa and then i applied to student visa  Is it possible to withdraw my asylum procedure and apply for a student visa instead?

asked May 22 in Legal advice by Tharu

Dear @Tharu

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

Could you maybe explain your situation once again or reformulate your question? It is still not clear to me how you came to France, if you are in the asylum procedure right now etc. 

Looking forward to your response. 

All the best, 


Hey Thanks Meike  i came on student visa and applied for asylum yes its more than 6 months i am waiting for my hearing i hope this details is sufficient

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Dear @Tharu,

Thank you for your explanation. As the platform and our experts are based in Germany, we may not be able to share too many experiences and knowledge on regulations and procedures in France. In Germany, for instance, it was in the past nor unusual to wait for the hearing/interview for a couple of months. I assume the Corona situation also contributed to delays in the administration work processes. 

In general, taking back an asylum application should be carefully discussed with a lawyer. If this actually could make sense, is highly dependent on your individual situation and your chances to get accepted as a refugee. I would recommend you to seek some legal counselling, for instance in a migration counselling office, first. You may want to check this website for organisations offering such services and contact details.

I hope this helps and all the best,


answered May 29 by Meike
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