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I got the rejection from the German court and I want to know that can I get the asylum in Poland ?  If yes then what is the procedure and how can I do ?
asked Mar 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Zichako

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Hello @Zichako

Nice to hear from you again!

No, you can't apply for asylum within EU for a second time. Every country that signed the so-called Dublin III convention will refer you back to the country where you either entered Europe for the first time or where you applied for asylum for the first time (this can be the same country of course). Since you applied for asylum in Germany already, Polish authorities will deny your application without checking the details because you already had a procedure in Germany.

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answered Mar 12, 2018 by Thor
Yes you are right . I mean if my decision in Germany is negative then can I take refugee in other country ? My lawyer told me that I can take refugee again in Germany
I understood that. But the answer remains the same: no, it is not possible to have a second asylum procedure in another European country (due to Dublin III). The EU wants to make sure that there is only one country per individual refugee that is responsible for her/his case. However, you can appeal against the decision by BAMF. You will be given the chance to provide new evidence to prove that you are in need of refugee protection. It has to be proof that hasn't been taken into account during your first interview (for example a drastic change in the situation in your home country that happened in the meantime).
I went against BAMF and I got the court and the court also rejected me and said that you move to another city and this is not decision . Now I do not know what should I do ?
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