Here you can ask, answer and find questions surrounding the topic: arriving in Germany I mentioned earlier that my asylum was rejected in the I want to know if I apply in any other eu country like italy..they will get all detail about my asylum from eurodeck or they will just know I applied earlier in uk.italy will know the reason behind my previous asylum?
2.actually I belong to lgbt community.I applied asylum on lgbt Base in uk which was rejected due to unfair trail and careless lawyers.
I have other reasons then being lgbt aswell.I wany to apply asylum now in italy on other reason.I don't want to mention my sextuality any more.because later on I want to get married.
My question is that can I apply on other reason now in italy?will italy know I applied asylum on lgbt Base in uk?I don't want any trouble in my married life later on.
I will appreciate your quick response.thank you so much
asked Jan 15, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by adam18

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Hello @adam18 - nice to hear from you again!

Since you applied for asylum in the UK, authorities took your fingerprint and added it to the EURODAC database. Italian authorities will check back with that database in case you apply for asylum there and see that you already had a procedure in Great Britain.

You can't have two asylum procedures in two different Dublin III countries. However, if you want to appeal, you can do that in the UK. You will get the chance to provide other reasons that have not been taken into consideration during your initial application yet.

Please keep in mind the comment I posted in your other thread:

Best regards,
answered Jan 15, 2018 by Thor
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