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Hello.actually I applied asylum in uk which was I want to apply asylum in question is it possible for me to apply asylum now in italy on same reason which I applied in uk (which is rejected already)???
2.can i get marry with any EU country girl in italy?
I will be thankfull for your reply.
asked Jan 6, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by adam18

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Hello @adam18 - welcome to our community and thank you for your question.

1) In accordance with the so-called Dublin III convention you are only allowed to have one asylum application. If you apply for asylum in Italy, Italian authorities will check back with the European database and find out that you already had a procedure in the UK. That means that you will be transfered back to Great Britain since they are responsible for your case.

2) Every country has its own rules about marriage, but if you fulfill all the requirements and if you can provide all the required documents it should be possible. Get in touch with the Italian registry office that you want to get married at in order to find out what you have to do exactly.

Best regards,
answered Jan 8, 2018 by Thor
But concern is my asylum is finished in uk already. They reject my application. So I'm not able to do fresh asylum in italy?
What about if my reason of asylum is changed in italy?
I appreciate ur quick response.
Hello @Adam - Let me specify my answer since it might cause misunderstandings: Dublin III states that only one country is responsible for your asylum application. Usually it is the country where you first entered Europe. But in your case it's the UK. If you go to Italy and apply again, they will refer you back to Great Britain based on that rule. However, if you can provide evidence that there is factors that have not been taken into account during your first application (e.g. that the circumstances in your home country changed for the worse) you can apply for asylum again - in the UK. Best regards, Thorgen
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