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I have applied for asylum in Bulgaria but my asylum has rejected and I have appeal but rejected so can I apply for asylum in another European country? And will they deport me back to Bulgaria? Please help me!
asked Jun 11, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Zahid
I think that in some parts of Germany there is a possibility of not being deported to Bulgaria because of uncertain situation for refugees there. There has been a decision of Verwaltungsgericht Hannover in one case where a refugee has successfully filed a claim against being deported to Bulgaria. I will try to find a link for you.
Yes kerstin. here is the situations is going in the deplorable condition

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Hello @Zahid,

please see the answer of lawyer Marcel in the posting linked to below, it will answer your question very detailed, it doesn't matter that the country mentioned in the question isn't Bulgaria for it's valid for EU countries:

Your last question needs an answer though: You will be sent back to Bulgaria (e.g. according to German law because of § 27 und § 34a AsylG). Procedural base is the Dublin Convention.

Best regards
answered Jun 12, 2017 by Jan
But if the Bulgarian govt doesn't accept my asylum so there is no other option except to go ahead to western Europe....
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