Hope anyone here knows something about this. ☹️
After getting a negativ asylum decision in Switzerland, how long after ( 6 months or 1 year) is possible to ask asylum in another EU country?  I have new evidences that my life in my country of origin is in danger. But after whot certain of time am I aloud to ask for it, so i don’t risk to get back in my country or in Switzerland again?!
Pls give me an answer.
asked Oct 31, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by DD | 1,488 views
Hello @DD and welcome to our community! First of all, are there reasons why you definitely don’t want to have another asylum procedure in Switzerland? Or in other words: Are there reasons why you don’t want to live in Switzerland? Or do you want to have a procedure in another European country because you hope to have better chances for a positive result there? Best regards, Thorgen
I was returned back to my country because of the negativ decision of Switzerland, and several bad things happened on my return. I am not safe here anymore, thats why i must go from here. Swiss low does not allow me to go again there unless it has passed 5 years, for the same reason. I am obligated to go somewhere else in Europe. But thare is a condition of time if you want to ask asylum again and if there are other sources or evidences that may risk the life. Thats what im asking. After which time 1 year or less???
Hello @DD - First of all, may I ask you where you got these information from (about the waiting period of five years etc.). I’m not familiar with the Swiss asylum system to be honest, but still I never heard of 5 year waiting periods. Best, Thorgen
Hello. All the information i have, be sure is quiet right. Be sure for this.
 So if you have any information about what i am asking, pls help me. Thnx

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Hello @DD

We have to take a **** at the European legal framework first. There is the so-called Dublin III convention that regulates which country is responsible for which asylum application. It states that only one country is in charge of your application. Officially that’s the country where you first set foot on European ground, but in practice it’s where you get registered for the first time (where you leave a fingerprint).

That’s why Switzerland is competent in your case and why you usually can’t apply for asylum in another European country. But this is where it gets complicated and I can only speculate from here on: You returned to your home country and you want to flee to Europe again. Since you left Europe in the meantime it might count as a second flight. Meaning: Switzerland is not competent anymore. Now it could be that the country where you registered a second time is competent for your case instead of Switzerland. But as I said, I can only speculate and I might be totally wrong here :/ Maybe @Marcel or @Steven have an idea?

Nevertheless, if you have new evidence that hasn’t been taken into account during your first application it could (!) build ground for a positive result if you try again (at least that’s how it works in Germany). If your life is in danger there shouldn’t be any waiting periods that have to pass until you can ask for shelter again. Even if you get send to Switzerland again (in case someone decides that they are still responsible for your case).

Best regards,
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Thor
I read carefully what you have written, and that maks me think about it. I really have big problems here in my country, and as long as you say me that Germany can claim my request of asylum, is better if i come in germany. What do u recomend me. Pls i really need a solution. Belive me. If there is any chance that germany is going to get my second asylum request, please tell me what do u think.
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