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I have now 5 year subsidiary Italian permit and my country passport. I came to Germany to see if I can't get a work easily by seeking asylum. But rejected my asylum and I have miss the time to appeal. How many months can it take to reappeal or can I still appeal? And now they need my passport before I can get six months permit again to get a job contract. from Auslanderbehorde. 
But what should I do? Should I give Auslanderbehorde my country passport before I'll reappeal? Because I'm about to appeal now 

And if by chance my country passport is with Auslanderbehorde, can they still give it back to me if I want to go back to Italy. And how Iong will it take me to come back to Germany again  after I receive My permanent permit from Italy? 

Please I need an assistance

asked Feb 15 in Work by Specail (240 points)
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Hello @Specail - welcome to our community. We try our best to keep the structure of this platform as clear as possible. That's why I'd like to ask you to keep the discussion about your question in one thread. You posted the question above as a comment here: I suggest that we try to find a solution over there. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Thorgen
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