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Hi my name is mohamed abdi and my questions is i`m in deutschland since 2014 and now is 2016 and i don`t have any new about my proceeding or if you any other option for me to get passpord please tell me
asked Jan 23, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by mohaadeyz

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could you please share some more information? Which is the last information you have about the proceeding of your application for asylum? The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has problems with the application for asylum at this time. It may be a cold comfort for you but see this information, things may get better:

Regards, Jan
answered Jan 23, 2016 by Jan
i`m from somalia but i don`t know anything about my proces
Hello Mohamed,
Hello Mohammed, you told me, that don't know anything about your process. Where in Germany do you stay at this moment? Maybe we can find somebody, who can help you to gather some information. Do you have kind of contact person for your application?
Hi Mohamed, here is an official information about how asylum procedure in Germany is organized:
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