I have been in berlin for about 2years without a permit I am with an expired passport(i cant get a new one because of unserved military service) but i am not illegal here still talking with Lea berlin. But they didn't give me the residence permit with the expired one and requrire me to come back with a valid one. And then i got the travel document with the validity of five days and submited to lea via email but they didn't answer.
So my questions are

1. Can i get a residence permit with the travel document? ( Based on the fact that they told me people used expired passport when they applied for the permit for the second time and they got approved. Somehow its explained in some clauses and the worker showed me.)

2. Should i apply for asylum? ( Then should i stay in the refugee camp or can i stay at my apartment with my anmeldung?) Can i start working right after i apply for asylum as a freelancer?

3. Should i get married? And what if i cant get required papers for marriage from my own country because of unserved military service?
Can i just get married with an expired passport? (In a certain article i found they can get married with an expired passport but i cant find the article any more)

Looking forward to your answers
asked Apr 14, 2022 in Work by Hellothere | 204 views
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