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hello good day house,i hope someone to give me answer to my question very soon. im holding ITALIAN five years subsidiary permit and now resent passport have overwriting name can i travel with it
asked Jan 18 in Legal advice by buchio (110 points)
Hello @buchio - welcome to our community and thank you for your question. I think I haven't completely understood your situation yet. Can you please specify what exactly you mean with your passport having an overwritten name on it? Best regards, Thorgen
my passport have 3 name and the permit to stay in italy have to name eg A.B.C and AC. can i travel with it?

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Hello @buchio

This is a problem that I’m not really familiar with. But I can imagine that it makes sense to contact the Italian aliens department and ask them to issue you a residence permit with your full/correct name on it.

You might be able to travel with the documents as they are right now, but maybe you will get problems (for example if you are traveling by plane in case the airline checks your documents).

Best regards,
answered Jan 31 by Thor (43,890 points)
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