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I have one question. Is it possible for a person to get documents if the person is suffering from chronic disease like diebetese?? Is it possible?
asked Dec 11, 2017 in Legal advice by Ed
Hello @Ed - nice to hear from you again! Could you please specify what type of documents we are talking about? Best regards, Thorgen
I am talking about assylum seekers.  And It's about resident permit. If some one is suffering from chronic sickness. Does it help the person to obtain a refugee status in Deutschland.
But why will they give duldung after submitting the medical report? I think duldung is a bad thing..a duldung will not allow u to work and is it removable?
Being granted refugee status or asylum has nothing to do with your physical well-being, only whether it is recognized that you are subject to danger for your health or life in your home country. Duldung can be granted if your request for asylum was denied, but for certain reasons (e.g chronic disease) you cannot be deported. It is in the nature of Duldung that it can be removed if the condition would change. But it is possible to get permission to work under Duldung, you have to ask Ausländerbehörde for permission.
Thank you @Kerstin for your answer :) By the way, you can also use the answer-box below instead of the comment section, in order to enable others to vote on your answer and to give comments directly related to it. Best regards, Thorgen
@Ed I saw that you asked a question that is related to this thread over here: I would suggest that we keep this conversation in one thread to make the discussion more transparent and easy to understand for everyone. I will just quote your other question here real quick so that others don't have to click on the link first to give an answer:
"But why will they give duldung after submitting the medical report? I think duldung is a bad thing..a duldung will not allow u to work and is it removable?"

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Hi @Ed

Thank you for clarifying the issue.

Have you read this thread about asylum based on medical reasons?

Here is a short summary: The medical state on its own is not sufficient to get asylum based on it. However, it is possible to get a medical report that can be handed in at Ausländerbehörde. They might take it into account and give you a Duldung. But you will have to give convincing reasons why it's necessary for you to be treated in Germany and not in your home country. I'm not sure if this works with diabetes though.

On the other hand, of course you can go through a regular asylum procedure in order to obtain asylum/residence permit.

Best regards,
answered Dec 15, 2017 by Thor
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