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I live in Germany as a refugee, my asylum was rejected . I started taking my medication as a depressed patient. Can I have a stay in Germany with a medical report on depression from a psychiatrist doctor?
asked Feb 1, 2018 in Legal advice by felise
Hello David, generally there is a possibility to get a Duldung due to medical problems, there a detailed criteria for a medical report that the BAMF will accept, before you ask your doctor for a writing you should talk to a lawyer about that

Thank you very much
Hello @Ginny - it's awesome that you share your knowledge here on Wefugees! I already saw that you posted a few comments within the last couple of days. For the next time it would be great if you could post it as an answer in the answer-box. That way we can have different answers to one question that can be commented and voted on seperately. We usually use the comment section below the question just for clarifications. I'm looking forward hearing from you again :) Best regards, Thorgen

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