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Dear All
I hope every body doing well. Last week on 27th April I have made my asylum interview after one and half year the person who was taking interview was very unfriendly and it was very shocking for me because I am heart patient having ICD implementable cardiac defibrillator ( artificial heart ) I have provide my medically documents  but he didn't not took any other documents like my work contract and deutsch certificate B1
It was very shocking for me as I belong from Pakistan and they insisted that I can provide them my passport but at the moment I have no passport and very difficult to get it here from Pakistan embassy.

My question is that how they decide about case I have provide them my all medically reports and I need to change my heart device ICD in four years which costed 60 thousand euros and I am unable to pay it in my home country and secondly the medical treatment for heart is not very advanced in my home country
Being as a heart patient I am in very big stress and in certain about my situation and feeling down I need any expert opinion from the lawyer here
asked Apr 29, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Khan
Hello @Khan, I'm sorry to hear about your trouble. I will link @Marcel and @Steven to your question so that they can give you information about how to handle your situation. Best wishes, Thorgen

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answered May 8, 2017 by Marcel
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Dear Khan,

that sounds not wrong: at this stage they don't need your work contract and Deutsch certificate as they only decide whether to grant you asylum or a right to stay:

The medical documents become relevant if they deny asylum. Then maybe you will be allowed to stay all the same due to your healt reasons (you could get a "Duldung" pursuant to § 60a AufenthG).

The work contract does not give you a right to stay at this stage only if you get a "Ausbildung". Nor does the language certificate.
answered May 8, 2017 by Marcel
The in your case relevant paragraphs of the German Residence Act § 60a AufenthG are sections 2b and 2c. You can find an English translation of the legal text in the JURIS database:
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