Is there a possibility that i can find someone to register my car on thier name as i am not allowed to own one but keep one as a loan from a friend!

I live in nümbrecht...if someone willing to help than please contact me asap.


And thanks in advance
asked Nov 29, 2017 in Legal advice by Hassy | 709 views

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Hello @Hassy - nice to hear from you again!

Is it possible that someone registers a car and pays for insurance while someone else uses it. But the person that registers it will have to tell the insurance company about every single person that will be a driver (otherwise he might get in trouble if a non-listed driver causes an accident). If there is external people on this list (for example non-family members) the insurance contribution will be higher.

So if you find someone that is willing to make such an agreement with you, go for it.

Best regards,
answered Nov 29, 2017 by Thor
Thanks thorgen... apparently the vehicle is not even registered on my name but my local rathaus has stopped my monthly fund... do we have any complain center where we as refugee can go and complaint about the behaviour and misuse of authority from rathaus employees
Hello @Hassy - what did they tell you to justify their actions? Why did they stop your monthly payment?
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