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Can i go to a driving school as an asylum even if i want to pay myself and also can i learn to drive a forklift as an asylum? I want to know please
asked Jun 3, 2016 in Activities by Zino
I don't speak a deutsch language and I'm not able to give the exam in English also but my driving is good and I know the rules of driving have a any chance for me can I get the licence

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Hello Zino,

To begin at the end of your question: There are no restrictions for learning to drive a forklift for asylum seekers. You can gather informations about forklift license requirement here: (Texti ist in German, please use Google Tanslate or a comparable translation service). You don't necessarily need a driving school to get such a license, there are serveral institutions like the German TÜV which offer a special training. e.g. TÜV Süd: (German language). Some big corporations do offer a special instruction for forklift drivers too.

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jun 4, 2016 by Jan
Thank you very much Jan, I would go through and give you feedback.

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