To whom it my concern,
My name is Ahmad shah Mujadiddi I am from Afghanistan, I am in Germany since 18 months and currently I am living in Groß Gerau 64521 (Hessen), in Afghanistan I studied BBA  
( Bachelor in Business Administration ) for two years but due to security reasons  I had to leave my country, so is there any idea to start my further  Education in Germany ?
I will appreciate you for any information.
asked Oct 22, 2017 in Education by Mujadiddi | 1,082 views

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Hello Ahmad (@Mujadiddi),

Welcome to Wefugees platform.

Yes you can continue your study here but the question would be what kind of documents you have with you, which university you studied at in Afghanistan and what general mark you got from school (12th class).... And also, what do you want to study here. Exactly the same field or something else. Also, it depends if you have documents proving the courses you took for two years in BBA.
For most of the universities, you should apply through a central organization called Uniassit. And they **** at your documents and decide to send it over to the university or not.
For some universities, you can apply directly to them and not through Uniassist.

Normally, if you want to study at German universities, you need C1 certificate (if the program is in German). For some universities (Fachhochschulen) B2 can be also enough.

And there are some German universities that they have specific programs for refugees to help and prepare them for entering universities.

Depending all your detailed situation, you can decide what would be your next step. You should **** at it as few steps project!

We can also help you in this process. We give education consulting to refugees in different languages for free. But just for Berliner refugees. However, maybe you can reach our colleague who talks Farsi on her work mobile number: Dr. Setareh Sadjadi: 017647893588, if you have more questions.

Bildungsberaterin aus dem LernLaden Neukölln
answered Oct 23, 2017 by BildungsberaterIn
Thank you so much for your feedback and valuable information,
Actually after my school I also studied DBA  ( Diploma Business Administration ) its one year diploma i studied in University of Kardan and  I got (A+) grade and after that in my two years Bachelor also I got A+ grade in another university which I have my transcript, and according my languages course, in  English I have advance level certificate but in Deutsch just A2 certificate. But anyway I will contact your colleague to find out what possibilities are available to start my education here.

Best regards
Great answer @BildungsberaterIn - thank you for the immediate response!
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Hello @Mujadiddi and welcome to our community!

We had a couple of questions that were similar to yours here on the platform in the past. Please check out the information provided there. Here is a link that might be of interest for you:


If you understand some German, you will find information about acknowledgement of educational achievements here:


Do you need help with the translation? Just tell us and we can help you out with that!

In addition I will link @KironHelpDesk - maybe they can add some information about the German universitary system in general or their program at Kiron. Also @BildungsberaterIn does a great job here on the platform by giving people advice about educational topics.

Best regards,
answered Oct 23, 2017 by Thor
Thanks for your response.  But dear, Kiron university provides online courses, I don't want online study, I want to join university which I will be able to go regularly for study ,  will check out some of the other links but thanks again for your information .
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You are welcome @Thor :-)

@Mujadiddi, Ahmad, then maybe the first step would be to translate all your documents (=High school certificate and the marks + your Diploma + your 2 years Bachelor transcripts) and give them for "Anerkennung" which means they check if you have direct access to university (you definitely have but you should do these bureaucratic stuff). You should definitely continue your German courses faster.
If you want to apply for the university semester which starts October 2018, the deadline would be middle of July 2018. Till then you have time to get your German ceritificates and prepare your documents.

You can read here more detailed: https://***.study-in.de/information-for-refugees/

And **** here what exist in Hessen universities for refugees (maybe you can attend the German courses there):

Bildungsberaterin vom LernLaden Neukölln
answered Oct 24, 2017 by BildungsberaterIn
Thanks ones again my Dear, I already registered myself with Goethe university and also I gave the entry test for Deutsch course but I hope to hear from them soon.

Best regards  
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Dear Mujadiddi,

I see you already received a lot of practical info from my other colleagues at Wefugees. If you are interested in finding out more details on the documents you need, the application process, etc, you can **** through our Knowledge Base. We have a whole section on Studying in Germany here: https://support.kiron.ngo/430032-Studying-in-Germany

I hope this helps.

answered Oct 25, 2017 by KironHelpDesk
Thanks for sharing this helpful link!
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