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Hello everyone,
my name is Fedaa a dentist from Syria , i'm 30 years old and i'm living in Kassel city in Hessen .
I'm wondering if i can work as a dentist here in Germany , and what kinds of steps i have to do before getting a job as a dentist .
Notice 1 : i've gratuated from faculaty of dentistry in Syria since 2012 and i've tow years of experince working in a private dental clinic in the past .
Notice 2: i haven't started German courses yet and i really want to start learning Deutsch.
Thanx for answering me
asked Aug 11, 2016 in Education by Fedaa30

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2 Answers

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Hello Fedaa,

as Danny said it's possible for a foreign national to work as a dentist in Germany. See detailed information given by German Dental Association: (German text)
They have a basic English translation that responds in principle to your question, look for section 'Practising in Germany':

Kind regards, Jan
answered Aug 12, 2016 by Jan
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Hello Fedaa,

If you would like to work as a dentist in Germany, you would have to apply for a so called approbation.
I do not know if this is possible before you have learned German,
but I found a page which gives you detailed info about the authorities which
would be responsable in your case and how the procedure to apply for an approbation is structured.
You just have to enter your profession and your residence and you will get feedback what the procedure would be like and who you need to contact:

Best regards
answered Aug 12, 2016 by Danny
Not that I know of. I will be visiting dentist Torrance this week; I can ask him about this. He is a very good dentist and has been practicing for a very long time now. I found him from He will know about it. Also, my cousin is a dental student and she might know as well.
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