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Hello Dear,

Am asking important question am living with my Girlfriend for one year but am asylum seeker but I stay with my Girlfriend in his house for one year and I work and pay TAX. But they REJECT my asylum now we want to married.

Is ALLOW Asylum seeker to married Germany woman or not,

I need more advise, I stay here for one year 3 months with no problems
asked Aug 15, 2017 in Legal advice by Family

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Hello @Family and welcome to our community!

Broadly speaking it is allowed that asylum seekers and German citizens get married.

We had a similar question here on the platform quite recently. Please check out the following link:

In your case it is of special importance that your asylum application has already been rejected. That increases the time pressure, especially since German authorities will assume that you are only trying to get married in order to avoid deportation. They will probably start investigating if you and your girlfriend are actually a couple. But based on your description of your relationship I'm optimistic that this will result in a positive outcome (e.g. because you are living together).

Nevertheless, you have to hand in a couple of documents in oder to get married (see the linked thread above) which might take some time if you don't have everything at hand right now.
Keep in mind that giving your passport to the Standesamt could lead to another severe problem: That is, that you can only be deported if you have valid identification papers. If you give it to the Standesamt then German authorities know that you have a passport/ID/etc. That's risky since your deportation is imminent.

Do you have an appeal option for your asylum application or is it an unchallengeable decision? Doing a so called Folgeantrag might delay your deportation because they have to check your application again. That might give you the time you need to get married.

Here is two other threads circling around similar questions that might be of interest for you too:

I really hope this answer is helpful to you. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them here in the community.

Best regards,
answered Aug 16, 2017 by Thor
Hope this helps you out @Family
Hello my Dear  thanks alot for your kindly reply. Really you tell me the truth but for me and my Girlfriend we are together for one year now. And we live in village and I can say all the village people's knows we are together because am the first Asylum seeker Blackman who have GIRLFRIEND around that area.

And we love each other, but before I bring my documents from my Contry to Germany I want to know if I bring my documents they an deport me or not, and I don't know they can accept my married or not
Hello @Family - The more evidence you have to proof that you and your girlfriend are actually in a relationship the better. Concerning your documents: As I explained it's a risky situation. Authorities need valid papers if they want to deport you. Handing in your passport at Standesamt might get you in trouble since your asylum application was rejected and deportation is imminent. That's why I asked if you can lodge an appeal in order to stay in process a little longer. Otherwise Standesamt might directly inform Ausländerbehörde that you just handed in the required documents (if that was the reason to delay your deportation). I'm sorry, but unfortunately I can't show you another way out right now :/ Maybe someone else has a good idea how to handle the situation best.
I found a website that gives tips for bi-national couples that want to get married in Germany. They recommend to get in touch with a lawyer that is experienced with migration law etc. in cases like yours when you are not sure if you should hand in your papers or not. But of course I know, that hiring a lawyer is cost-intensive. Maybe @Marcel or @Steven have an idea.
Once again thanks alot for your kindly Replying. Even BMF people's know my Girlfriend because my interview day I when there with my Girlfriend, and they take her Passport number before they start my interview..

And they ask my Girlfriend what she know about me and my Girlfriend tell them am her boyfriend and she live with me and her family's like me. And she is pregnant from me. But the baby died some weeks ago.

That's all is proof am together with my Girlfriend
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