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Hello. I am a transgender asylum seeker from Turkey. I need some help about asylum process in Berlin/Germany.

first of all, i can rent my own place. Do i have to stay at camps? Where can i get a lawyer and support? and when can i get a work permit?

Thank you.
asked Jul 7, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Talya
You can find support at the "Berlin Center For LGBTI Refugees - Schwulenberatung Berlin". You can find it on Facebook: and on the website:
If you need support from a laywer you can come to our costless social consulting every tuesday from 16.15 bis 18.15 and every thursday from 16.15 bis 18.15 in Neukölln, Hertzbergstraße 1. You find more information on our website: I Hope this is helpful!

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Hello @Talya,

ask LGBTI Berlin for support:
Or contact Facebook group "Asylrecht für LGBT-Flüchtlinge" (in English: "right of asylum for LGBT refugees):

There is an official FAQ (frequently asked questions) secction on the website of Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. You will find reliable answers to your questions: (English version, other languages are available, see the listbox at the upper right corner of the page).

If you want general informations about e.g. asylum process or work permit I do recommend to use the search slot of Wefugees, you will find many answers given by our community. These answers cover many details and may match with situation in a more effecitve way than a generalised answer would do. Maybe this doesn't work for you, please tell us, we will do our best to help then.

Best regards
answered Jul 10, 2017 by Jan
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Hello @Talya

welcome to our community!

If you need support with life situations related to your transsexuality you can get in contact with MILES:

You can go there on monday (2-5 pm) at Akazienstraße 3a, 10823 Berlin (no appointment required).

Concerning your question about work permission:

If you want to work while you are still on the process you have to ask the Ausländerbehörde for permission. In addition, you have to get a permission by Arbeitsagentur, but the Ausländerbehörde will do that for you - you don't have to apply for it by yourself.

The same applies if your process ends with a Duldung.

After four years of residence you don't need the permission by Arbeitsagentur anymore.

I hope this answer was helpful to you.

In addition, I will link @Malica . She might have further ideas where LGBT migrants can get support in Berlin.

Best regards,
answered Jul 10, 2017 by Thor
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