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I have a question about hungry fingers.
The police took two fingers. My right hand first finger and my left first finger.
Can u tell me about this ? Is it crossing boarder finger and they will keep these finger data forever or it will remove ?
asked May 3, 2017 in Legal advice by Kikia

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Hello Kikia,

it's great that you have so many questions. Keep them coming!

The European Union is collecting fingerprints of refugees that are older than 14 since 2003. It's a database for identifying asylum seekers and irregular border-crossers. It enables authorities to find out whether asylum seekers have already applied for asylum in another EU-member state or have illegally travelled through another EU-country.

The usual procedure is to take prints of all 10 fingers. I don't know why the Hungarian police only took two in your case.

There is 3 types of people whose fingerprints will be taken:

1) people that apply for asylum

The collected data of people that are seeking refuge will be checked against the existing database in order to find out if someone was registered in another EU-country before. This data will be deleted after 10 years. But it can happen earlier if said person becomes a citizen of an EU-member state.

2) people that try to cross an EU-border illegally

If a foreigner is getting caught crossing a border in the EU illegally, than his/her data will only be compared to all refugees that arrive after him. There will be no comparison to the existing database. Data that is collected this way will be deleted after 2 years.

3) people that stay in a EU-member state without applying for asylum

If a foreigner stays in a country illegally and gets caught, it's up to the responsible state to transfer the fingerprints to the database or not. If so, the data will be deleted after the results of the comparison are send out to other member states.

Is that the type of information you were looking for? Feel free to ask further questions if necessary. The community will do its best to provide answers for you!

Best regards,
answered May 4, 2017 by Thor
No . But it is crossing the boarder and took only two fingers and I don't know . But I think it is also boarder crossing but I don't understand the finger which they took .
Hi @Kikia , I think I still do not understand your question/problem completely. Could you try to reframe it? Or can you ask again in Arabic or Farsi? We will try to provide a translation in order to find an answer for you.
I mean to say that when a person does cross the boarder and the police take the fingers then ot means that they took illegal boarder crossing finger . But they took only two first fingers . I think this is also based on illegal boarder crossing. But the two fingers they took . I did not understand this concept .
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