Am Ela am from Sudan and a Bachelor student in Hungary I want to go and seek for asylum in Belgium (as I heard it’s the only place for me as a Sudanese ) .

I can’t go back to Sudan because of what is happening right now .

How I came to hungary ?

I actually born and raised in UAE and this is how I was able to come to hungary(4 years ago)  but now I lost my resident in UAE already (and they won’t probably allow me anyway since am from Sudan a country that has war in general they Tends to avoid them )  

Now my family is in Sudan and the whole Sudan massacre started while I was in my university.

Right now am in a situation where I can’t go back home and my Hungarian resident permit will  finish at the end of this month (last year student).

So I really don’t know what to do I barely have enough money where my dad was able to send me some form time to time but now everything is blocked and I have until the end of this month and I have to leave hungary.

Am really confused and lost.

Sorry if this was to long and complicated but I tried my best

asked Jun 19, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Ela | 719 views

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Dear Ela,

I am really sorry to hear that you are in such a difficult situation. 

As your case is very urgent and complicated, I would highly recommend you to **** for professional legal advice. I found this organisation, which has offices in various cities in Hungary. Maybe you can contact them https://menedek.hu/en/activities/social-work.  

In the EU, the The Dublin III-regulation is determining the state which is responsible for an individual asylum procedure. As Hungary granted you a student visa, Hungary will unfortunately most probably also be responsible for processing your asylum application. In any case, as the refugee law in general is indeed complex and sometimes non-transparent, I hope you find the opportunity to discuss everything with a counselor or a lawyer.

Good luck with everything and please get back to us, if we can support you somehow.

Best wishes,


answered Jun 21, 2019 by Meike

Thanks Meike for your help really appreciate it.
I did indeed try to talk to them but non of the numbers provided  helped me I even found a number for a camp in Hungary tried to contact them to ask them how I can seek asylum non helped  me and the women in the phone shout at my face before she hang up

Finally I tried calling Budapest immigration office and they said sorry we can’t help you .

I found many numbers for many different lawyers in Debrecen/Budapest tried to book an appointment with one or at least tell me how to seek asylum but many where running away (either saying that I can’t help you , some said am eating right now find a different lawyer, one where shouting in my face how am worthless  ..etc etc)

They where interested at the beginning when I told them that I need an advice but I soon as I said asylum seeking they immediately hang up.

I looked online and found this :


quote :

“This means that anyone — from lawyers to community volunteers — who helps asylum-seekers with filling out forms, legal advice or information on the asylum process will be penalized.”

And then I understood why no one was willing to give me any advice

In the same time I found a number online for a free lawyer and happened that he is from Belgium and he told me you can come if you have no other options .

And that what I did ...

I really hate myself right now ....

Am thinking honestly about committing suicide ....

I don’t know why my life ended up like this..

Anyway Thankx for the nice words Meike

Dear @Ela

I am so sorry to hear. Unfortunately Hungary is really really bad in terms of dealing with refugees and granting them their rights. But please, I want to encourage you not to give up! I understand that you do not have much hope but please let me make some more research to find useful addresses and contacts in Hungary! Please check already this website: ****://***.refugeelegalaidinformation.org/hungary-pro-bono-directory. Maybe there are some helpful information...

 I will get back to you very soon! 

Stay strong and take care, 


Dear @Ela

Please, were you able to get in contact with any organisation or supporting people? 

I would be very happy to hear from you! Please let us also know, if there is anything you want to discuss or anything we might be able to support! 

I hope you are doing better, 


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