Am an asylum seeker from Sudan and am in Belgium (no Dublin and finished my first interview) I was in hungary for 3 years and before my students resident permit ended and due to the problems in Sudan I had to seek for asylum or go back to my country where I will be forced to join some mercenaries(an some also I have other personal problems with my country).

Through these 3 years my goal was to stay in hungary finish my studies and after that start working and never come back to my country .

Sadly it didn’t happen. But now I have a glimpse of hope and I want to do what ever it takes to fix my life (without help as much as possible).

I really like Belgium but now my family where able to go to U.A.E and they might be able to issue a visit visa for me where I can go there and apply for student visa to hungary and I can continue my studies , thus I wouldn’t have to be an asylum seeker anymore (at least this is my plan)

Am wondering now how can I leave do I ask my family to issue the visit visa for me and after that I go to the airport and leave and would they ask me in the airport ?? Or maybe I should go to Germany so leave from there maybe there’s such a wired law or something?? or how does all this happen ?

And even if that happened would I be able to get a student visa to hungary or since I asked for asylum in Belgium I won’t be able to get visa in EU (will my asylum seeking affect me in the future by not being able to get visa)?

Also am I going to be banned from Entering Belgium ( I really loved the country and the diversity and met a lot of nice people would love to see them again ) ?

I know some people would say that withdrawing my asylum process is not smart and I totally agree with them .

But if you where in my shoes you would understand why I want to revoke my status ..

I want to come back here again not as a refugee but as a normal human being(I know this might sounds awful but this is how I feel )

 I want to start my life in Belgium in future like everyone else

I know it sounds stupid but to me it means a lot and honestly since I have another path I believe that Belgium should spend (7 eur + food that they give it to me ) towards more deserving refugee then me since there is a hope for me now that didn’t existed almost a year ago when I asked didn’t asylum.

I know this one is long but I had to explain my feeling in details

Wish you all the best,

Jo Akiva.
asked Feb 11, 2020 in Legal advice by Akiva | 871 views

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Dear @Akiva

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees community! 

You seem to be in a quite complicated situation - I hope, I was able to follow. 

First of all, our platform and our experts are based in Germany and I am not too familiar with rules and regulations in Belgium. 

I assume, that you are not allowed to leave the country during the pending asylum procedure (if you are planning to come back). That doesn't necessarily mean, that you will get an entry ban (as far as I know, the German authorities only give people a re-entry ban, if they get deported). But your asylum application will most probably be stopped and it is anyway hard (and illegal) to enter a country without a visa/residence permit. 

And as your general residence is in Belgium right now, you would probably need to apply for a visiting visa for the U.A.E. in the respective embassy in Belgium. I am quite sure, that only yourself (not i.e. your family) can apply for a visa. I absolutely understand your desire to start a "normal" and independent life again. However, don't you think, that finishing your studies in Belgium might be another option? 

Unfortunately, the Hungarian immigration policy is also not "easy-going", from what I have heard. 

To sum up, I am afraid, that leaving to U.A.E with a visa and coming to Hungary with a student visa (since the Hungarian authorities will also see, that you applied for asylum in Belgium), will be a very long and complicated procedure - if realistic at all. 

However, I will link two of our wonderful experts here also. Maybe @mbeon-bernd or @mbeon-Christine have some other thoughts/ideas on that. 

In any case, please get back to us if clarification is needed or you have some further questions. 

All the best, 


answered Feb 11, 2020 by Meike

Dear @Meike 

Sadly in Belgium I won’t be able to continue my studies (since in Hungary I only had 1 semester left ). 

finding English Bachelor here is impossible let alone finding a university that can accept me in there second or third year . 

Thanks a lot you opened my eyes into some interesting points (like am I going to get a student-visa to hungary if they knew I where an asylum seeker ?)

 But am sure other asylum seekers withdrew, since the process takes years where you’re life can definitely change 360degree. 

So am wondering what do these people do they can’t continue there asylum right ??

 Wish you all the best,


Dear Akiva,
thank you for sharing your question with the wefugees community.
Since I'm one of the people  who say that withdrawing your asylum case (if the chances for a positive outcome are good) is not smart, I'm not sure if I can be of any help.
Just a few suggestions:
- It will be very difficult to get a visa for Belgium again since the Beligium authorities will remember that you once applied for asylum in their country. So if you apply for a Schengen Visa or for a study permit, you'll have to prove that you'll not do that again.
- I would also not be too sure that Hungary will not find out about your Asylum-episode in Belgium since the EU is currently enlarging the Schengen Information System and is planning to connect different Databases (SIS, EURODAC...) That might lead to a rejection of a Hungarian study permit...
- I would strongly advise you to visit a local refugee counselling organization in Belgium to discuss your case.


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