Hello everyone, Hope you are doing fine.

I'm a Jordanian out homosexual who has been studying and living in Hungary for almost 4 years now and I've finished my study last semester and right now my residence permit all ready expired. However, since it is impossible to go back to Jordan due to my sexuality and being  and some other personal problems and it's impossible to stay in Hungary these days. Is it possible to claim asylum in the Netherlands without being sent back to Hungary or Jordan?
When I came to Hungary after I came out and had some problems with my family due to that which includes kill attempts beside another threat due to being agnostic and the plan was to study and to settle here but it didn't go well and right now i really don't know what to do. If anyone has a similar situation would be great if you  share your experience ?
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asked Apr 21, 2021 in Asylum proceedings by S1n2s3
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