I'm in Sweden on a short stay visa, I do have the option of obtaining a residence permit.  however, I don't want to stay in Sweden with my partner. I'm well aware that I if I applied for asylum in Belgium while my visa is still valid I would be sent back to Sweden to have my application processed there, but would Belgium still send me back if I apply there a day after my visa expires? If not, would they consider not sending me back if I explained that my partner and family there might abuse me if I go back?
asked Jul 13, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Lannnah | 392 views

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Sweden is responsible for your asylum procedure during the next 6 month after exoiring of your visum, after die Dublin Rule. That means, they will try to send you to Sweden if you come before the 6 month expire. And if you come later, they will possibly try it anyway but then you will have better chance (presuming you didn't stay in Sweden legally after expiring of the visum).

The reason not to be sent to Sweden because of abusing through the family is weak, as Sweden is not so small and you can be accomodated in another place, and there is naturally police and law enforcement there. If you have very good proofs of very hard abuse and, even better, attests of a bad physical or mental condition connected to it, you can perhaps have a chance. To find out more you better consult some refugee councelling centers in Belgium, you can seek for them in Internet.
answered Jul 17, 2020 by Alla_fka
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