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Hello everyone,

2 years ago, I could make it, and come to Germany as a student from Gaza, Palestine. I was able to survive in Germany because of a scholarship I was awarded. I studied in an international program in something linked to social sciences and education. So, every thing was in English. Unfortunately, I barely speak German.

Right now, I am about to finish my studies here, and my scholarship will stop. I can not find a job in Germany because everywhere I go, I must show my German skills. As I studied something related to humantarian and education field (in English), it is very hard to find any job that does not demand German mastery. I will be run out of money soon, and I cannot renew my visa because I am not able to show financial ability. Also, I have strong claims and justifications to not go back to Gaza.

Unluckly, Palestinian refugee seekers in Germany are treated differntly, and they face hardship in processing their applications. I met a lot of them who got rejected after a very long time of waiting for processing their applications and judging their case!
Many people advised me that Belgium is a good place for Palestinian refugees. Therefore, I would like to apply for asylum in Belgium, but not in Germany. However, I am scared that I get deported back to Germany. Does living in Germany as a student affect my intended asylum application in Belgium? Please, help me! what law says in my case.

Thank you very much in advance!
asked Nov 30, 2017 in Legal advice by Adam
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