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I was applied for the asylum in germany one year ago but I was voluntarily came back to my home country. Now can i apply for the study visa of italy?
asked Jan 22 in Legal advice by Gagan

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Dear @Gagan,

Thank you for reaching out to us today!

I've had a look at our platform to see if anyone has shared experiences here before and found quite a few threads around voluntary return and coming back on a (study) visa/ claiming asylum for the second time. It apparently depends on the fact if your claim had been rejected and you deported, or if you returned voluntarily in general - because, in that case, no entry ban should apply to you. 

Here are some helpful threads from our platform:

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Claim asylum for second time in EU 

Is it possible to obtain a visa for Germany after voluntarily returning home? 

You can find out a lot more about applying for study visa on our platform, simply use the search bar on the right side (look for terms like "study visa", "residence permit for students", etc.). 

I hope this information helps! Let us know if you need any further assistance or have more questions.

All the best,


answered Jan 22 by Isa 1 flag
I was entered Germany with Germany 6 days schengen visa and after visa expiry i was moved to Austria and there i was applied for asylum but due to Dublin law austria rejected my asylum application and deported me to germany. In germany i was applied for asylum but i could not attend my next interview or hearing because my mother was serious in my home country so i take risk and voluntarily came back to my home country.
        Now i want to apply for italy study visa. can you please advice me legaly is I'm eligible to re-enter schengen countries.

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