, can I become a Refugee in
Switzerland right now or should I wait to the visa to end?? And if I want to do a Refugee in France,,
they will send me back to Switzerland??
The embassy didn't took my fingerprint because I already had before 4 shengen visa.
asked Nov 12, 2019 in Legal advice by Tony7 | 477 views

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if you have a visum from Switzerland, it is not important if you give your fingerprints. The country which gives a visum is responsible for the asylum application for the whole time of the validity of the visum and 6 months after that. If you go to France and ask for asylum, French authorities will probably find the information about your Swiss visum in the European computer system and make a decision to send you back. The chance to apply against it is not good if you don't have a spouse or children in France or are dependant on some relatives there because of your bad health.

This is a regular situation, exclusions are always possible but rare. I work in Germany and have no information how regularly France applies a Dublin Rule and sends people to other european countries in such cases.
answered Nov 13, 2019 by Alla_fka
@Alla_fka Thank you very much for your answer,, If I want to do asylum in Germany, should I wait 6 month after my Swiss visit visa end?? Or tomorrow I can go in Germany and do Refugee??? Or after the visa finish can I go to Germany and do asylum.??? Thank you
Can you give me your WhatsApp number so I can contact you and ask you please its so important
On the basis of the Dublin Regulation you can ask for asylum in Germany if your Swiss visum has been expired more than 6 months ago, it looks like in this case Switzerland will be not responsible for your asylum procedure any more. But that means 6 moths being illegal somewhere.

Sorry, I can't give you my Whatsapp, it is private. The online consulting cannot take all details of your situation into account. I think you need  to consult a good expert personally.
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answered Mar 24, 2020 by bextol
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