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My asylum has been rejected from the court with out inviting me for an interview as I appeal late against the decision.

I am severe heart patient having ICD implementable cardiac defibrillator which is artificial heart and I have 50 percent disability Ausweis from the Landratsamt.

What are my chances if I move to Switzerland and claim asylum on the basis of my illness

Will they consider my asylum or will they deport me because Of my decline asylum in Germany.

Will they deport me to Germany or will they deport me to my homeland.

Further more what are the chances of France for my treatment which country should I choose before leaving Germany .

Please advise me what should I do and how much time it will take the whole process in Switzerland and in Germany.

Is there any one who asylum was accepted in Switzerland or in France who lived in Germany.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

Best regards
asked Nov 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Khan

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Dear @Khan,

thank you for waiting and sharing your questions with us.

As for your questions:

As already under the following link advised, it would be better to finish your process here in Germany.

a) if you go to Swizerlnad or France in both cases you will send back to Germany and then you start from Zero.

b) France and Swizerland have a rigid asylum process.

I hope we could help you in  order to get  an idea.

Best regards,

answered Nov 18, 2018 by Nilab
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