Can i process or make a transfer of my asylum to another city.. how possible is it and what are the ways to go about it?
asked Sep 26, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Zino | 2,719 views
Hello Zino, I haven't understood properly what's your problem, please help me to see what you need. A few questions that could us help to sort out hings: Can you describe your situation in a few words? Which resident status do you have? What doesn't work as expected? What do you want to do?
Thanks for your reply Jan, I have Aufenthaltsgestattung which is six months Ausweis and  I'm also permitted to work. But i don't know if I can work outside of Dortmund which is my current city or go to another city to work..  I would love to leave dortmund to another city like karlsruhe, Frankfurt or Munich. I want to know if I get a job there now in any of this cities, can i go to work there or will I need to transfer my asylum papers there. That is my question

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Hello Zino,

With the new Integrationsgesetz, which is valid since Aug. 6 2016 there is the so called Wohnsitzauflage.
It means that you are obliged to stay at least in the federal country, in your case NRW after you received your Aufenthaltstitel.
You can even be bind to stay in the city/ commune where you received your Aufenthaltstitel.
Good news is, that you can freely choose your residence if you manage to get a job with at least 15h per week and an income of 712€.
I am not sure, if you nevertheless have to bring in an application for moving your residence in the town you currently live in.
So I would not recommend in any case to change your residence without informing your local authorities in advance or make an formal request in order to avoid any penalty.

I would recommend to make an appointment at your local asylum department and ask for advice how to proceed:

More help assistance and consultation you can receive in Dortmund from
APP who want to help refugees to integrate into the labour market:

or the Flüchtlingsrat nrw where I found a lot of info concerning the Integrationsgesetz:

answered Sep 27, 2016 by Danny
This was more than helpful Danny. Thanks a bunch and i really do appreciate from my heart..
best wishes
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I cancelled my answer I just gave because it's content would be a double of Danny's post. And my answer wasn't that detailed. Sorry for being so slow.
answered Sep 27, 2016 by Jan
No problem Jan, you're a very big contribution to this website and i appreciate your time and effort. God bless you always
I would love to also ask, my girlfriend lives with her mum in a small town in Mannheim called deidesheim and we have all decided that i should come and stay with them which will be better for me because i don't have to spend too much on house rent and light with other little things in a month. It is currently a two way thing now because if i get a job there i can move there to stay according to law but what if i don't quickly get a job there? How can i move in directly to live with my girlfriend and her mum and morever it's more suitable to find a job there when you're actually there...
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Hi Danny!

It's really awesome answer.

I have another question: I got positive from BAMF on 21st July this year. I live now near Dortmund. I am currently selbständige. And my income is around 2000€. Hopefully my family will join with me in December. Next year around May-June I want to move to Frankfurt. Is it possible?

Best wishes for you,
answered Oct 5, 2016 by Don’t Know
Hi Moni,

Thank you for your kind words.
I am glad that you already have been able to start a business here and that your family will join you soon.
At this time it is very uncertain how each and every federal state will handle the implementation of the "Wohnsitzauflage" law.
Some even do not want to at all.
If you have good knowledge of the German language and are able to provide for your living, chances are high
that you may stay in Frankfurt if you move there.
The law does not mention Selbständige explicitly. But I can not imagine, that a city will send you back, if you
can provide for your own living on a regular base. You just could run into trouble, if you move to Frankfurt and
try to get financial support from the state shortly after.
I recommend that you contact the local Ausländerbehörde in Dormund and talk with them about your current status and your plans.
But please keep in mind, that it is only possible to claim that your family will live with you in Frankfurt,
if it is your husband and/or minor children, we are talking about here.
Every other person in your family could be concerned by the Wohnsitzauflage for the Bundesland where they are registered.
Until May next year there will hopefully be some positive changes with the implementation of this unhelpful law.
All the best
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Hi Danny! Herzlichen vielen Dank!!!
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