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i start a blog about fighting racism and try to find replies to some critical questions.
One is the belief of racist, that refugees are lazy and don't invest time in cleaning and straighten the place they live.

As an example of this thesis the first reception facilities "Erstaufnahmezentrum" are visualized. There are some fotos, but much more reports of people that work there. Normally they say that the condition is more like a chaos, unhygienic and dirty.
The second thing workers say, that people there have a lot of time, are bored but never come to the idea to do something for the public facility. So the question is, why do they wait for cleaning personell everyday and don't clean themself? Is this ignorance against the tax payer?

I try to fight these arguments, but i don't have access to these institutions for security reasons. Is it possible for a refugee to explain this phenomena? The only argument i have is a statistical one: There is a foto in the internet of GDR refugees in Hungary embassy with DRK tents that look totaly chaotic. So, the "clean" Germans can be denunciated as not so "clean" in at least one equal situation. But anyway, i have no idea why it is the way it is. Best would be of course, if this could be chand. And this argument is weak, since a lot of people are frustrated that their tax money is paid for cleaning personell for refugees although the people have a lot of time.

I cannot find good examples and reference to for these kind of facebook, pub and blog discussions. Can somebody with personal experience can help me with good, references arguments? It would be best if they are public testable.

There are more questions like this ... but i split them up in different blogs.

#Cleaning #Racism
asked Jan 2, 2016 in Other Questions by Dave
Hi Dave. I saw your other post about fighting racism and was wondering if you have started the blog already or if you are still gathering research? Once the blog gets started, feel free to share the link for everyone to access!

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Dear dave,as a syrian refugee in germany i'm so ashamed of this. And i feel sorry about it.
3 months ago,stegskopf camp which located near a city called siegen sorry if i wrote it wrong.
I stayed there for a month and i saw this problem and i saw the german reactians about it as i was working with the redcross and a translater in a kindergarten there i had to answer like these questions all the time and i really felt like i'm so ashamed to be syrian because of them.they gave a bad picture about all the syrians to the germans which is all the syrians are like that and i'm sorry that i have to give you the answer of this question as you know and i can guarantee that more than the half of the syrian refugees are under the poor line in syria,that is not an excuse for them actually. And in every city in syria you can find these shitty places with alot of trash,dirt and they have no problem with it and as a syrians we avoid to go there or even passing it you can find the same chaos they just brought it with them.
They raised up with it and they don't find it a problem.
I'm a syrian and I shouldn't give you an answer like this but this is the truth and i'm really ashamed about it try to get into a heim for refugees you will be shocked.
Everything is dirty you can't  breath inside it,you can't even stay for 10 seconds there!
And the government still paying for people to come to these heims and clean it up,they clean it and it only a matter of time to make it dirty again a blink of an eye.
 It isonly making our stand harder and worser at the time it effects on the others not only them this is a problem which is really huge and someone have to find a solution for it.
Eventhough we are getting alot of hate for just being a refugees they are giving more reasons to support their stand of fighting the refugees can you imagine what is the opinion kf the germans about it? We already hate it back there as i said this is a really huge problem and someone should solve it.
answered Mar 18, 2016 by Kenan
I think if the people there would understand that it is a problem the biggest part of the problem is already solved. But it is difficult to get in touch with them. Probably this platform is possible to reach them.
Well god be with you herr dave!
Best wishes and good luck.
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