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i search actively in facebook pages and other public discussions to fight and discuss racism. One of the racistic thesis are, that especially a lot of black (african) people tend to deal with drugs (e.g. mariuanah).

The internet is indeed full of videos showing drug dealers. And indeed a lot of them obviously come from africa.
The result is, that a lot of german people are very sceptical to african people.

I am sure, the problem has no racistal origin, but i have problems to understand why this happens. Especially due to the asylum finance there should be no force to move to a criminal behaviour. So, i could understand this behaviour if it is coming from poverty, due to not registered as refugees.
Statistically, the people in an official asylum process should as criminal as the rest of the society. But i cannot find any statistics about that. Is there a statistic about the origin and asylum state of drug dealers?

So, can somebody give me good arguments or explanation about this phenomena?
Probably from personal experience? I would like to find the real explanation.

I am collecting the infos to create a new blog about racism.

#Drugs #Racism
asked Jan 2, 2016 in Other Questions by Dave

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2 Answers

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Some hints:

"Ausländerkriminalität" – statistische Daten und soziale Wirklichkeit:
Kriminalstatistik: Nichtdeutsche Tatverdächtige:
Wikipedia: Ausländerkriminalität:
Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2014:

Regards, Jan
answered Jan 12, 2016 by Jan
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auch sehr gute argumente: "Medieninteresse", "Armutsverteilung zwischen Deutschen und Ausländern", "Demographie", "strengere Verfolgung durch soziale Distanz"

answered Jan 12, 2016 by Dave
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