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I've read the Q&A of the Kiron University and I've seen that the number of seats at the partner universities is limited so it is possible that after two years of studying online I won't get in one of them. What are the options I would have left in that case?
asked Dec 3, 2015 in Other Questions by HalKho

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Hey there,

it is true that we now only can offer a limited amount of seats. But you must not forget that are in negotiations with many other universities not only in Germany but internationally. We are optimistic that we can offer a lot more seats by the end of the first generation's online studies. Even if we can not place all students within a university right away, we want you to not forget what this project is all about.

Our top aim is to not let your motivation and time go to waste. After two years of online studies you might already be a recognized refugee and therefore be able to apply to any university you want although we do not yet know to what extent your credit points will be accepted. We also established groundwork for connecting our students with companies through internships etc. and are currently trying to expand this offer. We want to promote integration through our several additional programs like the buddy system and improve your language skills.

And even if you do not get accepted immediately you will be considered for the next round and have better chances there!
answered Dec 5, 2015 by Herb
Thank you so much for your answer, I just wanted to make sure, I'm happy to hear that even in that case there are still chances. It's reassuring. Once more thank you :)
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