Hallo, i have a question, when my Ausbildung will not clear (Pass) then can I change my Ausbildung visa to Work Visa or PR after Ausbildung period.?
asked Apr 14 in Legal advice by Hassan-14 | 482 views

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2 Answers

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Once you finish and successfully completed Ausbildung  you can apply for 19d aufenthalt.

If not 16g aufenthalt also available during Ausbildung. But clarify with your lawyer regarding  16g
answered Apr 15 by Coop
Thank you for answering
The reisdence permits 16g and 19d are relevant only for a person who has the temporary residnce paper 'Duldung'. They are not relevant in this case.
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Hi @Hassan-14

You can change to a work visa if it is a job that requires a qualification and you have a qualification.

I presume PR means permanent residency. You cannot change from an Ausbildung visa to permanent residency. You can apply for it after a certain amount of time on a work visa.



answered May 3 by mbeon-Éanna
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