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Dear Wefugee,

I am  from  Turkey and  as a Master student I am living in the Netherlands. I have a girlfriend in Belgium who get her residence permit as a refugee for one year. I am a Turkish citizen  and with search year ı have only 2 years residence permit in the Netherlands. However for the next year I am planing to propose her :) but before that I have to learn whether I can stay Belgium legally  or not. what is the requirement to stay in Belgium with marriage? Does my girlfriend status effect the situation? Is it mandatory to find a job for getting residence permit? What is the easy way to come together with my girlfriend) Maybe the path will not be easy but it will be good to forsee the challenges we will face. Could you guide me please?  It could be good to know related legal documents or criterias for us.Thank you for allocating your time.

Kind regards,


asked Nov 12, 2020 in Legal advice by abdullah123

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