Good day my dear friend and God people in here,

Please who can help.

I have Aufenthaltserlaubnis paragraph 19d abs 1Nr1, But I was wondering if is possible I applied for another Aufenthaltserlaubnis such as 25b or 104c

And I want to know what are the requirements for such application.

I have a permanent job contract

I have a Abschluss Zertifikat von Meine Ausbildung from 3 years  Training as a Fach Maler und Lackierer

( Gesellen Brief )

But I do not have B1 or A 1

But I did Deutsch in the Berufsschule and I learnt is equivalent to B1 or B2

What else do I need to apply for this paragraph I listed here..
asked Mar 25 in Legal advice by MIKE 130 | 546 views

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Hello MIKE 130 and welcome back to the Wefugees Community!

I am not a lawyer, but as far as I know, the residence permit according to 25b as well as 104c require that applicants actually hold a "Duldung". These types of residence permits are intended for people who do not have any perspectives to stay in Germany otherwise and are actually obliged to leave the country. But you are holding a residence permit already. 

I also do not really understand why you would prefer another residence permit. Do you want to explain this in more detail? From my perspective, the next step for you will be applying for a permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) - usually after 5 years of holding your residence permit.

In any case, please don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Apr 1 by Meike
Thank you Meike for the good work and assistance..
Also, I have been working with the 19d Aufenthaltserlaubnis, for over 1 years and 4 months now,  but the job flexibility is very strict and one can’t do another profession, except the profession done in the Ausbildung.
It really difficult .
That’s why I was wondering to switch to Aufenthaltserlaubnis 25b ..
But please what are way out with job flexibility with 19d , because I want to switch to another profession by the end of this year 2024. Making it total of 5 years in my current profession 3 years Ausbildung + 2 years work as a professional in the field.

What are my chances here ?
I really appreciate your help in advance.
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