Hello, I started my Ausbildung as ZFA in Germany and i am in my 2 month of trial period and my residence also is based on it. I came in Germany as au pair before so i changed my residence permit from au pair to Auzubildende now. However, I want to leave the Ausbildung because i don't get enough money and at the moment i need full time employment. Is it possible to change and get new residence permit as full time if I get a job also as dental assistant but without finished ausbildung or if i get a full time job in a hotel? What will be the process and the necessary documents to send to ausländerbehörde in case i get full time contract. What will be the consequences of leaving the Ausbildung during probation and if later after the probation like on the 5 or 6 month, will I have to pay back to the company or the school for the time I studied? I also understood that doing the same ausbildung will not be possible anymore, does this apply that i can't do it in the same state anymore or just in the same city? If later I want to do it again but in another city can I do it? Please let me know. Thank you
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asked Sep 27, 2022 in Legal advice by Lily | 222 views

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Hey Lily,

we hope you are well? Thanks for your question.
You have asked a similar question


So I will close this question here and hope that is ok? We are in the process of finding an answer to your question and wish you all the best.

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answered Sep 30, 2022 by Saskia Wefugees
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