My lawyer apply for me Aufenthaltserlaubnis 19d , i have German Uni Bachelor Degree and i got a Job. Now problem is Ausländerbehorde needs my all family members Passports  but i do not have because my one daughter born in Germany and my embassy can not issue a passport without mother and father passport and Aufenthaltserlaubnis. Auslanderbehorde told me that, they can not give me  aufenthaltserlaubnis without my daughter passport. We have already submitted my and my wife Passport to Ausländerbehorde. Please guid me what can further i can do ?
asked May 1, 2022 in Legal advice by parekh2111 | 591 views

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Dear @Parekh2111,

this is unbelievable. The Ausländerbehörde has to give you the residence permit, even if you don't have a passport for your daughter. In the meantime (while you try to get a passport for her) they can give her Duldung or better Fiktionsbescheinigung.

Try to get a written confirmation by the embassy that they won't issue a passport without residence permission. After that you can explain to the Ausländerbehörde, that this processs must go step by step: 1) get confirmation by embassy, 2) get german residence permit for you and your wife 3) apply for passport of daughter 4) provide passport to the Ausländerbehörde 5) get residence permit for your daughter.

As you have a lawyer, he can communicate with the authority, too.

I wish you good luck!

Best Regards


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answered May 4, 2022 by mbeon-Ruth
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