Am planning to start ausbildung als kfz mechanics. And it is 3.6yrs ausbildung  if eventually i started on the process i decided to stop it and 2yrs later . Can i get a job in the same field and little high paid. Did experience i have and years spent will it be wasted. And i hear every year of doing ausbildung some 1 got certificate at level he /she is. Am not doing ausbildung because of aufenthalt or visa
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Hi @Gentle james

I presume there is some sort of certificate after one year with an overview of your school (Berufsschule) results. The first main exam during the Ausbildung to be KFZ mechanic is the ‘Abschlussprüfung Teil 1’ which has to be done before the end of the second year.

KFZ mechanic is not a regulated profession. In regulated professions, people cannot work unless they have done a specific qualification. For example, you cannot work as a lawyer unless you have studied law. A car manufacturer or garage can employ anyone to be a KFZ mechanic. They will, of course, prefer to take people who have done a KFZ Ausbildung. If someone has experience and completed part of an Ausbildung, then they may manage to get a job in this area. Please be aware, however, that not having an Ausbildung may put certain restrictions on further career progression. As far as I know, to do additional specialised training in the area of KFZ mechanics, then an Ausbildung is a requirement. You may not also have the same entitlements regarding pay as people who have a full KFZ Ausbildung.

If you have further questions on this, then the HWK is the best place to ask. That is the organisation in Germany that regulates the KFZ mechanic Ausbildung. Here you can read more directly on their website:




answered Mar 28 by mbeon-Éanna
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