Hi all. My partner is a queer trans student currently studying in Germany for his bachelor. He's been living in Germany for more than a year and he has to renew his residence permit for the second time but he might not be able to, and he also can't go back to our country. His life and studies will probably be in danger if he goes back, as he has done some speeches here about the regime, and being queer and family problems makes it nearly impossible for him to do so.
He has to renew his permit in august, and we have some worries now.
If he applies for asylum here, will he be forced to leave the city he lives in and give up on his studies?
And will he be able to take care of his medical needs through the procedure? He has special health conditions for his eyes (glaucoma) which needs regular check ups with his doctor who knows his background.

We appreciate all the advice we can get. :)
asked Jul 26, 2023 in Asylum proceedings by Mahnik22 | 489 views

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Getting asylum on the purpose of being queer, It depends on your country where you came from. Moreover, Glaucoma is not a condition to get asylum in Germany. The court does not care about it, unless the health condition is really life threatening.

Most probably you have failed your studies, now the ABH asking you go leave Germany right ? I understand. It happens. In the eyes of the court, you have no reason to stay in Germany unless you Syrian, Palestinian or Sudanese. You have no chance at all. My asylum was rejected within few weeks, I am telling you from my experience. If you want to stay, you have two ways, getting married or Ausbildungsduldung.
answered Jul 26, 2023 by helios
No he is doing fine with his studies. His first plan was to come to Germany and seek asylum but he could manage a bit and gather some money to get an admission but now we're worried for financial problems.
And also he's from middle east. And I don't mean getting accepted as refugee due to glaucoma. We're just worried that if he starts the procedure, would he still be able to access the medical care he needs for his eyes?
Yes, if you have a house and you can pay your rent you can stay there and pay for your own insurance. Otherwise, you must move to a government provided refugee camps, where hundreds of refugees lives. You live there rent free (4-8 people in one room), get food and medical care as needed. It's a chaos in refugee camp. Do you best to stay in your own home and continue the asylum procedure from there.
He is currently living in a wg and has a part time job in his university. So you mean he'll be able to keep his job and continue his studies?
" he has to renew his residence permit for the second time but he might not be able to" why ?
and why you are writing as a second person ? There is no shame to admit that the person is you, we all have problems, just do not pretend to be his friend, it's you and it's okay. we all were there. We understand. no judgement.
May be we can suggest you more why do you think you won't be able to renew your residence permit. You have no idea how difficult, stressful, and almost impossible the path of asylum is, so do not go that way.
I write as this because I'm asking this for my partner and it's not my responsibility to prove you. I'd be thankful if you pay some respect.

He's worried he won't be able to renew his permit because although he has a job paying him 900 euros monthly, the officer won't accept this and ask him for a blocked account. And his studied will take longer than 6 semesters as he started his studies from the second semester and hasn't registered for some of his exams. We're not sure if it is enough for proving that he is making progress in his studies.

And you're right, the path is really stressful and that's why we're asking for opinions.
Asking for asylum because you are not able to financially support your studies is a great example of abusing the system. This won't end well. so please find other options. and by the way, you get respect when you respect yourself first. Have a nice day.
Well at least he tried to stay in the country legally while he could. I think you can't imagine the concept of getting executed/arrested for being a queer person who only had spoke the way they think about the regime ruling the country.

I recommend you to think twice about the way you talk to people who come here for advice to stop manipulating them when they don't have a single reason to lie about what they write. Good luck!
whatever floats your boat
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Dear @Mahnik22,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community.

I am not sure whether you have seen/remember the answer my colleague was giving in one of your earlier opened threads which contains many details regarding your questions already. You can find it here.

All the best,


answered Jul 30, 2023 by Meike
No I didn't see the answer and I remembered I had made the same question but I couldn't find it I don't know why. :( Thanks a lot!
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