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Hello, actually I live in Sachsen in Landkreis Meißen not for choice but at the moment I don't have other choice I must be here because I'm appealing my asylum request.

I'm pregnant and recently I spoke with my gynecologist about my wish of get birth by caesarean. He refused it and said that it's not allow in Sachsen (wunschkaiserschnitt), in a few words I can't choose how I want to get my baby I don't have the rigth to choose on my own body? That is true? I can't understand how that can be true... We're in 2021.

So I have a few questions about it my insurance it's AOK plus, I want to know if Can I use it in Branderburg for example in Berlin? Can I have my baby there? Or it's a problem? If the AOK don't want to pay it, We can pay for it if the money if the problem here. I would like to know where my rights as a woman and my body can be respected?
asked 5 days ago in Healthcare by Faga0206

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