Can Syrian refugees in Germany holding 3 years residence permit ( that says they are allowed to work) apply for jobs or study elsewhere?
asked Nov 12, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Simplewoman | 310 views

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Hello @Simplewoman,

thank you for sharing your question with us.

I assume you either have received a refugee protection or asylum Entitlement, based on which you have a 3 years residence permit,  from the Migration Office.

Based on the section 12a of residence law of Germany in both of the above cases you can leave your city or region and go to the other city/region for a job, in which you work at least 15 hours per week and get enough money for your living expenses, for a study or for a vocational training program. So you can apply for a job or study program in the other cities of Germany and before signing a contract with an employer or joining a study program, I recommend you to talk about moving from your city of residence to the other city with your Foreigners Office (Ausländerbehörde).

Here is the link for the residence law in English, where you can also read the section 12a of it:


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answered Nov 12, 2020 by mbeon-fardeen
Sorry, I meant outside of Germany.
@Simplewoman, unfortunately you are not allowed to stay more than six months in other countries. If you stay more than six months or any extra period of time specified by the Foreigners Office (ABH), you will lose your residence permit. You will lose your residence permit if you leave Germany for one of following purposes and do not come back within 6 months: * To Study abroad (although you can go because of a part of your study, for example, a semester of your study but even in that case you should take the permission of the Foreigners Office for it. * To work abroad * Marriage abroad * Permanent residence abroad * Taking care of a member of family abroad However, if you want to stay more than 6 months abroad you must take the permission of the foreigners office for that otherwise you lose your residence permit. Here is the link for the article of the law in German: https://***.gesetze-im-internet.de/aufenthg_2004/__51.html
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