I have registered for a drivers license in my city and have received the letter from TÜV. I'm about to take the theoretical test.

For the practical test the examiner has asked for a valid Ausweis and/or a passport from most of the people I know. Those who didn't have their Ausweis and/or passports with them have been told to make a new appointment when their documents are complete. There were no tests that day and no refunds for the fees.

I only have a Duldung and my passport is with BAMF. Should I prepare something in advance?
asked Nov 4, 2022 in Legal advice by Nashenas | 461 views
Hi Nashenas and Wellcome to Wefugees! My Name ist Saskia. I will do a little research my own and tag our dear Expert @meike and @mbeon-fardeen here as well. We will get back to you in about 24 hours Warmly Saskia

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Dear Nashenas,

have you already contacted the immigration office when you started the driver's license?

According to my research, the proof of a Duldung is then sufficient if a photo of you is on it, as well as your date of birth, which should be both the case.

Nevertheless, you must have checked in with the Ausländerbehörde. As well we do have a similar question here on Wefugees: https://***.wefugees.de/102292/driving-licence-with-duldung-what-about-vocational-training

I get my information from this website:



answered Nov 4, 2022 by Saskia Wefugees
Hi Saskia,
Thanks for the answer. I applied directly at the Führerscheinstelle. They told me that they'd have to check if I'm allowed due to my Duldung. A few weeks later I received the letter from TUV.
I see. I think as long as you have dealt with the foreigners authority and discussed your request with them, your Duldung should be sufficient as an identity document. Note that you still need to bring a photo with you. I am not an expert, the answer comes from my research. My answer will be checked again by our experts.
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