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can i register for a bus drivers licence in germany as a holder of aufenthaltsgestattung,rather can job centre support me in financing the drvers license
asked Aug 26, 2018 in Work by cboy7

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Hello @cboy7

Nice to hear from you again.

In Germany you have to do an Ausbildung ("Duale Ausbildung zum Berufskraftfahrer" or "Fachkraft im Fahrbetrieb") in order to be able to work as a bus driver.

As an asylum seeker with Aufenthaltsgestattung you need a work permit by Ausländerbehörde to start such an Ausbildung. The earliest point in time you can apply for the work permit, is 3 months after your Aufenthaltsgestattung has been issued. Also, you can apply for an Ausbildungsduldung at Auländerbehörde which allows you to stay in Germany for the whole duration of your Ausbildung.

It could be that you need a normal driver's license in order to start such an Ausbildung. Usually, you have to pay for the regular driver's licence yourself, but there are exceptions: You can get a grant by Jobcenter or Agentur für Arbeit if you need the licence for a job. You need a document by your employer that proves that. Maybe this also works if you can prove that you are in contact with a company that is willing to give you an Ausbildungsplatz.

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answered Aug 27, 2018 by Thor
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