Dear Admin!
I would like to inquire about how to get a Driving License on the basis of (Aufenthaltsgestattung). I am living in Germany for the last about 4 years. Presently I am working in a Security Agency in Berlin and I am much keen to have a Driving License.
asked Jun 7, 2017 in Other Questions by changaz | 1,425 views
Hello @changazi

Welcome to our community!

If you have any further questions about driving licences or the traffic system in Germany, our great expert Annette at @bikeygees can probably help you with that.

Best regards,
Hello @Beate - the intention of my comment was not to patronize anyone, but to note that we have an expert in our community that is familiar with said topics. Annette informed us that she can help us with her knowledge about special regulations about driving licences etc. for refugees. That's why I linked her - especially since she just become a verified expert during May and this information might not be that widely spread yet.
All of our experts are not obliged to share their expertise in this community and Wefugees is not paying them - they do it voluntary and in their spare time. Therefore I think it is only fair to appreciate their active participation on this platform the same way that we appreciate everyones contribution. Hence we would be really happy to see you around here in the future. Best, Thorgen
I read on facebook about Weefugee: Everybody's advice is welcome here. But I am no expert, at least I feel this way. What could be my appreciated contribution then? Perhaps I am curious but Beate's closing question seems an interesting one to me. And in addition I'd like to know more about top user's motivation, especially about the persons who aren't members of the Wefugee team. At last: Shouldn't we open a new discussion thread if the discussion goes on?
Susi, here comes some small consolation, provided by one of the long term members of Wefugees: I am still an expert in being no expert. So don't worry, let's do our best in solving problems and even if there should be an experts addition to what we contributed, maybe it is instructive and useful for us as it is for the questioner. And don't be afraid to make mistakes,  experts are wrong sometimes as anybody else, consider the opinion pollster predictions about some elections in the recent past. Finally, perhaps you are more an expert than you might know right now, you will see if the appropriate question is asked.
thank you Jan :) @Susi: welcome to wefugees and thanks for coming up with this topic. I will create an other thread to explain more. Just in short: Our experts are usually people from organisations helping refugees who are helping us out here for free and adding a little bit more expert knowledge to the community. But in many of our questions we don't need them. We need locals like you and Jan and me and many more who can research, ask the right people to get the answers or have their own experiences in this topic. Together we know more ;)
here is the question about experts: https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/2102

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Hello @Changazi,

you can obtain a driving license with your status, that's the information one of Wefugee's juridical experts, Marcel, provided in this posting: ****://tinyurl.***/y9ojelrd

Getting a driving license can be expensive, usually you have to pay round about 1900 Euro. You can apply for financial support at your local job center, if your employer does attest that you need the license necessarily to do your job.
(Information source: ****://tinyurl.***/y7exz2wm - German language).

It's necessary to visit a driving school to start your training. Very likely the training material will be in German. But you can buy learning material in several languages to prepare yourself for the driving license examination in Germany: ****://tinyurl.***/yc6tdvaq

Best regards
answered Jun 7, 2017 by Jan
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