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I am still refugee since 2013
I have Aufenthaltgestattung status. My refugee is still going on. I already took lawyer and I appealed it. So my question is that can I do driving licenses in this status. If yes then please give me the strong prove which is written in the refugee law that I can do driving licenses
asked Nov 5, 2017 in Legal advice by Kikia

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Hello @Kikia - nice to hear from you again!

Long story short: Yes, you are allowed to make a driving license if you are an asylum seeker. It’s open to everyone ;)

Please check out the statement provided by Marcel (a great lawyer that shares his expertise with us here on the platform) in this thread:

Keep in mind that a driver’s license can be quite expensive depending on the city in which you live and the amount of classes that you need.

Best regards,
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Thor
But I asked about driving licenses and they told me that Bayern and also in Oberbayern are not allowed for refugees to do the driving licenses.
I m living in münchen and I know it is quite expensive but the landrasamt told me that I m not allowed for driving licenses
May I ask what reasons they provided to justify their statement? Because I’m pretty sure that refugees are allowed to make a driving license in Bavaria (check out this articel for example (German language):
Sometimes Landratsamt says that they can’t give permission for you to make a driver’s license because BAMF hasn’t decided on your case yet. They say that they can neither verify nor falsify the information on your Aufenthaltsgestattung and that only papers issued by BAMF count as a proof for your personal information (see this article (German language): But this practice has been overruled by Federal Administrative Court (see this article: Maybe you should think about taking legal support by a lawyer to enforce your right.
Can The driving license instructor give me some information. If I ask from them  Will they know the law about refugees can do the driving licenses ?
That's a good idea because they probably got some first-hand experience with cases like yours. Go for it!
I asked today from landrasamt and they told me that I can not do driving licenses without passport . On the Aufenthaltgestattung we are not allowed to do the driving licenses. Now as you told me that we can do
Now tell me the way what should I do
My statement was based on research that I did. If the implementation of the rules that I found differs in reality then unfortunately there is little I can do right now :/ As I said in one of my comments above you should think about getting legal support/counseling by a lawyer (if it's worth it for you).
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